Privacy Policy

Alcohol Beverages
Terms and Conditions

1. The provision of Alcohol Beverage Packages on our lawn are subject to
change at any time.
2. The packages are currently available to pre-book in advance and
can also be booked once event start but it’ll totally depends on the availability.
3. The packages can not be withdrawn or transferred at any time. The pricing, contents and rules
regarding eligibility and usage are subject to change at any time.
4. Standard GST of 18% will be added to the package price.
5. Event Bliss’s Alcohol Policy and Guest Conduct Policy are strictly
enforced on all of our lawns across the fleet.
6. You may or may not buy an alcohol package. It is not mandatory to go for a alcohol package.
7. Only a guest with the package may obtain and consume a drink using the
package. Any breach of this condition will be dealt with by the our coordinator and could
result in the use of a package being withdrawn.
8. Guest’s may be asked to provide suitable (Government Issued) photo ID as well as their stickered
Golden Hills pass when ordering a drink or while entry.
9. Pricing is available on the website.
10. No refunds will be issued for unused passes.
11. If the item asked for is unavailable, a suitable alternative of at least the
equivalent value will be provided
12. Our bartenders and waiters abide by our company’s ServSafe program, which
teaches our staff how to serve alcohol responsibly. Our bartenders and
waiters will watch for over consumption. Even if a guest purchases a beverage
package, if over consumption is suspected, bartenders and waiters will take
appropriate action and may deny service, or serve water or non-alcoholic
drinks instead.